NEWLY LAUNCHED STUDY: Coronavirus spreads further than authorities claim, virus STAYS IN THE AIR for 30 minutes

NEWLY LAUNCHED STUDY: Coronavirus spreads further than authorities claim, virus STAYS IN THE AIR for 30 minutes

NordenBladet – Authorities recommend people to keep a distance of 1–2 meters to avoid catching the virus, but according to a recent study, the virus can infect people as far as 4.5 meters. The virus also remains viable in the air for 30 minutes, so people should wear face masks. A study conducted by leading Chinese epidemiologists shows that the virus can survive days on surfaces. Therefore a person who comes in contact with a surface and then touches their face can become infected, the South China Morning Post reports.

The virus survival on surfaces depends on temperature and material, for example, at 37 C it can survive for 2–3 days on glass, fabric, metal, plastic and paper.

The study calls into question the authorities’ recommendation to keep 1–2 meters away from other people. A study published in the scientific journal Practical Preventive Medicine states that in an enclosed air-conditioned space, the coronavirus spreads beyond 1–2 meters. The study points out that the virus remains viable on the bus even when the passenger has already left.

Scientists also warn that the virus will remain viable for more than 5 days in human stools and body fluids. The study supports the recommendation to wash hands and wear face masks in public places because of the risk of airborne infection. Scientists recommend wearing a face mask for the duration of a bus ride.

The researchers’ study is based on January 22 bus rides during the Chinese New Year. The patient was already sick when they sat in a 48-seat bus. The patient did not communicate with other passengers, but by the time the bus arrived to the next city, 7 passengers had already become infected. These included not only the passengers sitting near the patient zero, but also those sitting 6 rows away, at 4.5 meters. All of them were diagnosed with the coronavirus, including one person who did not develop symptoms of the disease.

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