Recipe: HOMEMADE delicious HAM and BASIL buns from yeast-levened dough

Recipe: HOMEMADE delicious HAM and BASIL buns from yeast-levened dough

NordenBladet – Homemade food is delicious and I enjoy coming up with new recipes. These recipes are usually based on what can be found in the refrigerator. Buns from yeast-leavened dough is of course a classic pastry. Making them, especially if you decide to buy a ready-made frozen dough, is super easy! You can wrap anything you like in the ready-made dough: mushrooms, ham, cheese, wieners, meat, carrots, rice or anything else exciting! Here, however, I present you a nice and spicy ham and basil buns recipe.

You will need:
500g frozen yeast-leavened dough
250–350g ham
200–300g cheese
100g basil in tomato sauce or other similar herb mixture in tomato paste
a pinch of dill

Preparation (15–20 min):
Unroll the pre-melted dough or, if there are plates, make it bigger and cut out beautiful square pieces. Add ham, dill, cheese and basil paste and wrap it all together. The edges can also be pressed with a fork, so they stick better together. Buns bake quickly in an already hot oven. In the meantime, I lift the buns out and flip them over so that they are baked nicely on both sides.

P.S. They taste best warm!
Bon appetit!

Photos: NordenBladet / Helena-Reet Ennet
Source: (Helena-Reet´s recipe collection)


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