WHAT are funnel chanterelles and how to store them for winter?

NordenBladet – Yellowfoot chantarelles (Cantharellus aurora) and funnel chantarelles are very popular food mushrooms in the Nordic countries (especially in Finland), which, in addition to the golden chanterelles (Cantharellus cibarius), are also gaining popularity in Estonia. Funnel chantarelles are relatively

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Recipe: HOMEMADE delicious HAM and BASIL buns from yeast-levened dough

NordenBladet – Homemade food is delicious and I enjoy coming up with new recipes. These recipes are usually based on what can be found in the refrigerator. Buns from yeast-leavened dough is of course a classic pastry. Making them, especially

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Recipe: HOMEMADE onion solyanka with three meats

NordenBladet – Solyanka is a Russian national dish that is very popular in Estonia as well. I make solyanka from different meats, but solyanka is also very tasty when prepared with chicken, fish or mushrooms. The best soup is made

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Food of Iceland: What is Laufabrauð and how to make it? + Recipe and VIDEOS!

NordenBladet – Laufabrauð (Icelandic pronunciation: ​[ˈløːivaprœiθ], “leaf bread”; sometimes also called “snowflake bread” in English) is a traditional kind of Icelandic bread that is most often eaten in the Christmas season. Originating from northern Iceland but now eaten throughout the

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Recipe: the Nordic karask (instant bread) aka kefir pastry with hemp seeds and maple syrup

NordenBladet – An example of the Estonian national cuisine is barley bread karask, which is easy to prepare and one might even say this is the lazy man’s bread. The classic karask is a pastry made from kefir, sour milk

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