CHILDREN are our best teachers because they see the world more clearly than adults. How can you be as happy as a child?

CHILDREN are our best teachers because they see the world more clearly than adults. How can you be as happy as a child?

NordenBladet – Today’s world and parenting standards strongly dictate how children should be raised, what standards should be followed, and what is “right” and what is “wrong.” Abnormalities are under immediate attention and are even being “treated” with pills.

In fact, parents do children a disservice by vigorously pushing their thoughts and ideas. Imagine being constantly told what to do and what not to do. You stop thinking for yourself, a capsule of indifference or rebellion gradually grows around you and kills emerging creativity. We must not forget that we are all born free and want to live free!

Paulo Coelho has said: “A child can teach an adult three things: being happy for no reason, being busy with something all the time, and how to demand what you desire with all your might.” That is true—children are smart and we have a lot to learn from them.

Children are much better connected to the world than adults because they have the ability to live in the moment and in the present; children do not feel fear and are carefree.

Several scientific studies have shown that people use their subconsciousness from childhood most of the time (almost 95% of the time). Until the age of six, fundamental habits are programmed into our memory and subconscious. Afterwards, these habits control our live—we follow them or try to change them.

Teaching a child how to think and react in certain situations hinders their ability to find solutions to problems on their own. Children are almost always happy, they have no resentment against anyone, they are incredibly forgiving and caring!

Children are always fully aware, attentive, and curious, while adults are prisoners of their own mind and reason, deprived of the simple joys and wonders of life. Children are able to notice small details (such as a tiny insect) much better than adults. Why? Because children are tuned to every frequency and vibration around them.

Most children and adolescents are dominated by Theta and Alpha brain wave patterns. Both are considered to be extremely relaxing to brain activity and come to the fore when our body is completely free from stress. These same brain waves increase creativity and the ability to store large amounts of information that can be stored in long-term memory.

Children know how to be happy. Let’s not cut their wings when they are discovering the world. It is time for us to learn from the little ones, because they can teach us things that have real value.
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