Helena-Reet: Preparations for the upcoming ERM exhibition (propose your good ideas!!!) + RECIPE for a good home-made oven roast!

Helena-Reet: Preparations for the upcoming ERM exhibition (propose your good ideas!!!) + RECIPE for a good home-made oven roast!

NordenBladet – This week has been invested in further developing the exhibition to be held in the Estonian National Museum (ERM). Twice this week I was with Ivanka Shoshana (12) in our ceramics club during which I, too, prepared a few cool bowls. Also I finalized the exhibition poster/flyer conception – surely it can easily happen that the current version will be in a different coat until the exhibition launches, we’ll see. Very likely I’ll be creating and preparing still many more different flyers. As a rule, classical posters have one central image with large fonts, yet itemized solutions are 100% my style and besides it would be interest-provoking, people will take a minute to approach the poster and see/read what is on it.

The ERM art exhibition is designed to present these components:

1. Own handmade ceramics (clay platters, plates, mugs, etc.)
2. Acrylic paintings (fairytale series His Highness Mouse the First, and additionally also several of my flower series paintings and my children’s drawings),
3. Handicraft-cosmetics (soap production, ointments, shampoos and other products created under the Elisheva & Shoshana (E&S) brand, and
4. As the fourth part, we present well-known herbs which have been used in our home witch kitchen (be it food preparation, herbal tea, or to be added to home-made cosmetics).

For the purpose of the exhibition, construction specialists from ERM will build, based on my layout, in the big 130 m2 hall the carcass of our so to say home witch kitchen. My next task is thus the detailed planning of this placing, and expressing the result on paper. Huh, in real life it is far more complex than the initial spontaneous vision in my mind and even the descriptions conveyed in conversations. Each detail really needs to be thought through, where to show this mug, that plate, painting, or herb bundle, to lower the ceiling perhaps, whether to bring in a staircase, a window, etc. Parallel to that, the safety of all items must be kept in mind. Quite many of the cupboard items are of significant value based on price as well as invested workload, so should they be broken (due to unfavourable placement or other type of unfinished planning) it would really be a great pity. The same goes for the paintings. Should perhaps enlarged reproductions be made of the paintings, and should the original artworks be placed higher above them, or should the originals be displayed via video-installation on the wall…etc.. in a word the thousand details that need to be exactly pre-calculated and weighed. So therefore no time to kill from boredom! This is great responsibility but it is also very very exciting to do! As of now, we aim for February 12 – this is the day when the detailed plan is expected to be fully laid out on paper. Hereby, I would wish to encourage all of you to aid this process – should you develop any good ideas related to the poster below (be it the poster itself, or the items exhibited, or the museum hall design…), you are very kindly welcome to signal the ideas!!! :))) All great ideas that are thus applied, will be rewarded with the Elisheva & Shoshana gift package!

Our home witch kitchen is also the place where the world’s best meals are prepared! Day by day, I have become a hobby-chef over time!

Today I made baked potatoes with cabbage and onion, and barbeque/grilled meat with Rakvere kefir marinade. Cabbages turned out so beautiful as my favourite flower – white peony!

The recipe is simple.

To begin with, the meat goes into the oven. The rule of thumb is that two hours will be the minimum to cook the meat, if you wish the meat to be tender and delicious. The longer and the more hushed the process of preparing the meat, the better the result. Usually I try to reserve about 2 hours for the process (first hour 250 degrees Celsius, and second hour 200 degrees), however when a guest is coming or for the occasion of celebrations, I prepare the meat on low temperatures, ca 180 degrees, 4-5 hours. When cooking with the added cooking container, pierce the plastic and add a bit of water, the juicier and the better it becomes!

Once the meat is in the oven, you can begin preparing the rest of the oven dish. For that, wash, peel and slice/chop the potatoes and place them in the tray, add here and there the cabbage and onion rings, and season. Today I seasoned the food with Santa Maria dried dill, lemon pepper, citrus-grill mix, and roasted garlic and pepper, and then, to add strength (haha), I poured on top one pack of 20% Alma sour cream, and three glasses of 3.5% Farmi full milk. Previously, in the milk I also added one spoonful of Veski Mati wheat flour. And finally on top of it all, I spread some chopped Valio Atleet cheese. Those who aim for a light version of the same dish, then after seasoning add just a little bit of water in the tray (1.5-2 cm on the tray surface) and to the oven it goes. The potato dish will be ready at 200 degrees in about 1h 30min.

Bon appetite and have a wonderful evening! Hugs!


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