Helena-Reet: About the weekend and what impact the AstraZeneca vaccine had on me…

Helena-Reet: About the weekend and what impact the AstraZeneca vaccine had on me…

NordenBladet – This Friday I had myself vaccinated. I received the first shot of the AstraZeneca vaccine. I was quite nervous, since news of all kinds is available to us and you no longer know, what you can believe and what you cannot. The authenticity of the global media tends to be of rather poor quality. The reliability of news is an issue that we invest great effort into in NordenBladet, we do not publish a single article where the source has not been checked threefold. Nowadays it is more and more difficult to find reliable sources. By the way, this is a topic that we would wish to tackle in depth some day. But now, back to the vaccination I had.

Friday morning at 11 a.m. I got the vaccine shot in my left arm, along with the paperwork that the next shot will be administered in June. So how did it go after I got the shot? In the afternoon I became drowsy and dozed off for a couple of hours. Then I was awake for a few hours until I developed a fever. The fever ranged from 37.3 up to 38.0 degrees Celsius. In the night I developed achy joints and bones. The degree of pain was such that it reminded me of being driven over by a tractor or being beaten up around the clock. Furter, in the night I felt sick and threw up. In the morning, still in pain when waking, I took ASA Grindex (500mg) and Melox (15g). The first of these is basically the same as aspirin (I took this as a back-up to fluidify the blood and avoid blood clots) and the other one was prescribed some time ago by my doctor after I encountered elbow pain from plowing the snow. I am not sure anymore if this was a prescription drug or not. However it removed the pain and during Saturday I swallowed two more of those. ATTENTION! This was based on my individual decision, not the guidelines from a medical doctor, thus please do not follow my example! Just now I am learning that it is recommended to take only 15g of Melox within 24 hours (i.e. one pill)… therefore I exceeded the dose by two pills. But it helped. By Saturday evening I was already feeling OK.

Today, Sunday, I woke up as usual. No pain, no side effects so far. I took a walk outside 6000+ steps, painted a new piece from my mice series for the children’s book in progress “His Highness Mouse the First”, made cinnamon rolls together with Ivanka Shoshana once again (you can find the recipe HERE), chatted with my kindergarten time friend about men, about divorce and children, then I read some of my favourite blogs, updated my Instagram feed and now I am blogging. Today my home has a specifically great vibe.. Estella Elisheva played the violin for a long time, Ivanka Shoshana was in a good mood, I feel that inspiration has been building up in me, that things are beginning to go fluently again and work is going great. I am happily anticipating the springtime arriving — spring is the time for UNLOCKING, WAKING, NOTICING and the TIME FOR LOVE!

Big hugs!

Below a brief synopsis of the “highs” of this weekend (the highs and lows) with little side notes and a photo gallery 🙂

A nice and calm Sunday morning – for some the salmon sandwiches, for some black bread with ham, for some the fresh salad. It always gives me pleasure to know that me and my family are eating healthy. I aim to include fresh salad in the menu at least every other day. By the way, this beautiful blue ceramic clay bowl with lilacs on it was made as handicraft work by Ivanka Shoshana! I find it sooo beautiful. She has by today been attending the clay classes for two years and has such a great signature style! Although young (12 yrs), but to my mind already today a serious ceramic artist. Extra to that she is following my footsteps in the kitchen and in her age is already a wonderful cook – a few hours later we made delicious cinnamon rolls together – this time with brown sugar and vanilla yoghurt.

Nice and slow also my mice series paintings are seeing daylight, these will be the book illustrations for the children’s book I am writing, “His Highness Mouse the First“. To be honest, I am already in great hurry with this. In the Estonian National Museum (ERM) me along with my daughters will be holding a joint exhibition titled “Our home witch kitchen”, where in the participation hall we will present paintings, pottery, herbs, as well as our Elisheva & Shoshana brand. Launching the children’s book has also been scheduled for June when the exhibition opens… however, as of today I have completed two chapters and 14 paintings… Yeees, panic is slightly already settling!! Haha… Mega responsibility, mega expectations are placed on me … but.. well here I am somewhat stuck in the artistic hindrance. 🙁 I would love to be telling you that the life events obstructing my artistic flow are the past, but, alas, this is not the case. On a daily basis I must be involved in far more mundane worries than would be the exhibition, art, and creative work. I must stay alive! I must fight to keep my children alive! I must manage my individual life first of all. And still… nice and slow. The painting, indexed 14, is a sign that things are still advancing… nice and slow. Moving in the direction where light is coming!

I am telling you, social media addresses me less and less lately and for example in Instagram I often feel as if I had lost my head. I post irregularly, and even if I post, then it is several pictures at a time, and then follows a long break. For some reason or other Instagram doesn’t entail such a clear vision “what I should do or what I could”, as I am used to with any other thing. Should any of you have good guidelines “How to navigate Instagram” or “How to make the most out of Instagram”, then you are most welcome to share these with me!!! Haha. Anyway, the Insta to follow is available here: https://www.instagram.com/helenareetennet/ (I will be posting pictures of myself, of my paintings, my ceramics, herbs, of Elisheva & Shoshana cosmetics products, also E&S brand’s herbal tea that is on sale, etc).

Estella Elisheva (14) has been playing the violin the entire weekend. The sounds are more peaceful and more sad this time. This week, while still very young, her long time piano accompanist Veronika Tamm passed away. 🥀 Veronika will be kindly remembered by very many youths and their parents. She was an unparalleled, friendly, talented woman!

To commemorate her, I wish to post here two videos, where Estella and Veronika are together. The 8-year-old Estella in Saku performing, and the other, in 2019 while giving her violin exam/on a contest. The music and the memories in us last forever!

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