Helena-Reet: Hello, barbecue season! Such has been this year’s launch of outdoor events! PHOTOS!

Helena-Reet: Hello, barbecue season! Such has been this year’s launch of outdoor events! PHOTOS!

NordenBladet – This Sunday we had some guests coming over and we held this year’s first barbecue party! Initially we had decided to go hiking to the woods or to the swamp, to have a picnic there, but since it is never clear what the weather will be like, then we concluded that we better have a home event in the garden instead, remaining easily ready to move indoors whenever necessary. The weather however didn’t fail us and so we had a good time outside all day long.

The early morning began with cleaning up the garage (I gathered a lot of excessive stuff and took it to the waste station), along with that I also went through all the clothes, shoes, and toys of my children, and gave away what was already too small for them, or unnecessary for us. I ended up with a land rover full of stuff!

Thereafter I started preparing for the arriving guests – I made one big bowl of fresh salad, and prepared the cutlery and dishes suitable for an outside event. The previous night also the French pastry (Napoleon cake) was ready, to be served after the barbecue main course. I like to use clay plates outside (I am not pro plastic dishes, since those are not nature friendly and are uncomfortable. With a slightest breeze they fly away and the forks do not last when you eat meat). Indeed, afterwards there is a lot more cleaning up, but this effort is worthwhile – a meal beautifully served tastes a lot better, and the day will be remembered as a cozy, snug and warm one, and also the photos that help recall the day later will be much more beautiful 🙂

We had two sorts of barbecue meat, and also shrimps and tortillas. The children played football. I was glad to see that Ivanka Shoshana was not left alone during the common games and she played along with everybody so sweetly! It was a splendid day!

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Photography: NordenBladet (Ardo A.) and NordenBladet (Helena-Reet Ennet)


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