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Helena-Reet: The higher you fly, the harder you fall

NordenBladet – I have been riding a wave for some time and now I have to admit that failure and setbacks are ingredients of success. A plane flying high has to land at some point and should be refueled, as

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Helena-Reet: Who is supported by EAS, Estonian state and tax system (besides the president?) or Contemplation of the article “From the flamboyant number of designers of Estonia only a few have managed to break into the World arena”

NordenBladet – I read the article in the ERR portal, “From the flamboyant number of designers of Estonia only a few have managed to break into the World arena” in which it was written that the number of Estonian designers

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Helena-Reet: Poor people are bitter, envious and mean

NordenBladet – All my life I have said to myself that poor people are honest and good but the truth is that they are bitter, envious and mean. My parents have raised me in a spirit that poor people are

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Helena-Reet: Preparations for Finland’s Matka 2018 Tourism Fair!

NordenBladet – One of my favourite fairs every year is Matka Nordic Travel Fair in Finland, Helsinki. This year MATKA tourism fair takes place for already the 32nd time! Regarding the numbers of visitors this fair is among the most

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Helena-Reet: Elisheva & Shoshana (E&S) brand development and interview for Buduaar

NordenBladet – On December 7, I wrote on my Facebook page that I am looking for an investor and co-partner of the Elisheva & Shoshana (E&S) brand, which I created a long time ago. I crated the Elisheva & Shoshana

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Helena-Reet: Event planner 2018 and the idea of a planner journal 2019 for a successful woman!

NordenBladet – Today I have bought myself a new calendar memo „2018″ and had to admit that my notebooks expand year after year. There was a time when I wondered what do people need 2x A4 calendar memos for, those

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TOP 10 Scandinavian media groups – Bonnier, Sanoma, MTG, Schibsted, Egmont, Aller, YLE, Otava, Alma, NordenBladet

NordenBladet – There is a lot going on all the time.. I would like to keep you updated with 100% of my ventures, yet I doubt if I have the capacity to reflect on 10% of everything that is going

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Helena-Reet: My dreams & wishes – workable, unobtainable and completely unrealistic (Vol 2)

NordenBladet – In my first blog post reflecting my dreams and wishes (My dreams and wishes – workable, unobtainable and completely unrealistic -Vol 1) I revealed one of my biggest dreams that is actually already coming true – to be

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Helena-Reet: My dreams and wishes – workable, unobtainable and completely unrealistic (Vol 1)

NordenBladet – I am a wild dreamer, but not in the dull, negative sense. I have a vivid imagination, perhaps too intense at times to fit in the frames of normal. However, those that don’t dream big are left with

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Helena-Reet: Quite unnoticeably I have come to be „professional luxury travel blogger” + ORGANIZER OF PRESS TRIPS FOR JOURNALISTS AND BLOG WRITERS!

NordenBladet – We have carried out a sizable survey and analysis concerning the NordenBladet and OHMYGOSSIP sites and quite many indicators have surprised me. For exmple, the fact that an entertainment site has grown into a premium travel site where

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Helena-Reet: Again off to Morocco next week with my colleagues!

NordenBladet – In the year 2017/2018 I intend to look deeply into further developing the web page and launch some rearrangements. As I have said before, the OHMYGOSSIP portals have joined the Scandinavian media affiliated group and within the

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Helena-Reet: My secret garden – Good vibes only!

NordenBladet – I have made up my mind about distancing myself as much as possible from all that has negative impact and the best way to achieve that is being closer to G-d. The more we manage to melt into

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Helena-Reet: Can this be my WILDEST dream?

NordenBladet – I quite frequently browse real estate advertisements and recently stumbled on an ad that a tiny cottage without electricity and proper access by road, located even far away from any small town, is for sale… The price was

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Helena-Reet: A meeting in Southern Estonia, a visit to Taagepera mansion and draining beauty from Helme sacrificial spring + GALLERY!

NordenBladet – In the summertime it is pleasant to work outside the office and that is why I scheduled the meetings to South-Estonia, to combine work with a little trip. NordenBladet closely collaborates with various tourism bureaus and tourism service

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Helena-Reet: Sometimes I play with the idea of buying a manor house

NordenBladet – I have this odd connection with manor houses, a strange mixed feeling of affection and awe. It pleases me when history is remembered and appreciated and historical monuments are restored, yet I do not like that many of

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Helena-Reet: by those METHODS I have gained over 5 MILLION followers and more than 350,000 readers per day

NordenBladet – When speaking about webpages, the first question that pops into people’s mind is “How many unique readers do you have?”. Me and my Estonian, Scandinavian, American and Brazilian webpages are no exception to this rule. I answer almost

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