Helena-Reet: A big trip to Finland coming up next week! Searching for extremeness and ultimate luxury

Helena-Reet: A big trip to Finland coming up next week! Searching for extremeness and ultimate luxury

NordenBladet – Already next week, on the 20th of October, I will start an extraordinary trip with my kids. We are going on a trip that dares to undertake very few experienced grownup travelers. Namely, I practically have a plan to take the way around Finland by car, while myself being the only driver and my two companions will be my daughters (12-year-old Estella Elisheva and 10-year-old Ivanka Shoshana).

Ivanka Shoshana is autistic – according to the papers with a profound disability. Uh, it sounds awful, because she is actually a very smart and lovely girl, but still travelling with her is something way different from travelling with a normal child. However, on this point I have never “given her mercy” – she had gone along with all my extremes, I take my kids everywhere and I can say that the progress compared to many other children with the same diagnosis is amazing. Of course, it depends on the child, but the environment and direction (by setting an example) also have a high impact. Ivanka is in form four subsistence learning class. I am convinced that thanks to the teachers’ and specialists’ (and my) efforts her development has been so rapid that maybe she could even enter the first grade in a normal school, though in a small class and keep up with other students, in other words, to go through the simplified curriculum. In the big picture, it does not matter if she is in the first or the fourth grade, the outcome is more important.

2x Ivanka Shoshana

There is about a week until our trip and our travel anxiety is growing. As I have just got started with the cosmetics brand named Elisheva & Shoshana (it is a part of E&S brand that I created for my daughters several years ago aiming to do something altogether), I have had less time than usual to pre-prepare our trip. I hope to get many experiences – we would like to see as many sights as possible, the ones that are so to say in “uncomfortable”, out-of-the-way places, that people usually do not visit. I will leave out Kuusamo from my initial trip route and I will replace it with the following trajectory: Kivitaipale, Narkaus, Portimo, Tolja, Ranua, Kuha, Asmunti, Pudasjärvi, Hirvaskoski, Ervasti, Auho, Puolanka, Leipivaara, Paljakka, Ristijärvi, Paltamo, Jormua and Kajaani. Tomorrow I will continue my research… Old towns and city centers are fascinating and we will visit them for sure, but the places that so to say an ordinary tourist does not see on a daily basis are also very interesting – I have always liked to experience and reflect something that all the newspapers/blogs do not write about and that all the tourism websites do not promote. Something unique, something special – something that one cannot experience every day. The experiences – even a special tree, landscape… or a local resident or his/her undertaking. I would like to fit some extreme luxury into our trip as well – something royal, almost lavish and pleasing to one’s eye or senses. If you think that it is easy to find such pearls, you are wrong. Type in “Luxury in Finland”, “Luxury in Lapland”, “Luxury in Tampere”, “Luxury in Rovaniemi”, “Luxury in Kuopio” or some other similar search phrase into Google… Google does not offer anything useful besides some a bit more expensive hotels, that actually do not provide the luxury I am thinking of at the moment. However, there is enough such luxury in Finland that seven-star hotels decorated with gold and ornaments, crowded with handmaids do not offer – surrounding virgin forests, clean and untouched nature, beautiful lakes, northern lights and a lot of genuine and ancient culture. Nature is definitely the luxury of Finland; it is actually the greatest value of all Nordic countries. I wish people could appreciate it more! My experience says that you get the greatest luxury if you can imagine up unto yourself exactly what you expect from your trip and just order it. It is possible to buy and book everything, even the things you do not have on the “programme”. You need some fantasy, this is what people usually lack of. It is the most difficult to come to a conclusion what you want. Heh…

Please, send me some hints, if you have any good suggestions what we should visit during our trip! The biggest stopping points are Tampere, Vaasa, Oulu, Levi, Rovaniemi, Kajaani, Kuopio and Jyväskylä. Do not be afraid to come up with your ideas – I am interested in EVERYTHING THAT IS EXCITING, really!

Right now, I will start reading the book named “Lotte from Gadgetville” by Andrus Kivirähk to Ivanka. Have a nice evening!


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