Helena-Reet: Elisheva & Shoshana business negotiations with Kaup24, periodicals orders and consumer games

Helena-Reet: Elisheva & Shoshana business negotiations with Kaup24, periodicals orders and consumer games

NordenBladet – Yesterday I held negotiations with Kaup24 web store (DLB Trading Ltd) and concluded a seven-month Marketer/Seller contract, Agent contract and Data Processing contract. Heavenly grace, all in all I went through about sixty pages of a special offer package, digitally signed the material and am now waiting for the other side to sign, in order to commence the sale. And we will see in seven months time if it is worth the try to sell on this platform or not, to extend the contract or not.

I have heard controversial feedback about them, good as well as troublesome. But I have decided to experience it myself. It felt a bit spooky since the well known companies were to be rarely found there (at least in the same niche). Yet someone will always be the first.. Thus in a short while you will be able to purchase Elisheva & Shoshana items also on Kaup24 platform (from their web store)!

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Photography: ElishevaShoshana.com

Yesterday I also completed some orders for newspapers and magazines, I have grown tired of reading all of it online. It is nice to sit back, drink coffee and read an actual newspaper. I already am a reader of Äripäev and sometimes I order Maaleht but I decided to make a few more orders for a change. I thus took Õhtuleht for a month (17.90), Kroonika (18.75) and Eesti Ekspress (24.15) both for three months, and Buduaar (26.- EUR) for a year. I would like to order some foreign newspapers (Scandinavian editions) as well, but my last experience was very bad and now I don’t even know if I wish to try once more. It was years ago when I ordered journals from abroad, but since they used to arrive quite randomly and sometimes were even tied together with thread once they arrived a month later, then this wasn’t my interest any more. I had everything already read through online.

Ah yes… I thought, for a change, I could play consumer games. I went ahead with quite a few. Thus I am prepared to soon be winning two cars and a roller as a prize… hahaaa. Eesti Pagar is giving out the car Fiat500 as a prize, yet buying with Coop card there is a chance on a monthly basis to participate in the car lottery and win Toyota RAV4, and Coop also has built a Fentimans stand where the consumer is offered to win a vintage Keeway Zahara motor scooter. So I took many of everything. From Eesti Pagar we tried out Strawberry-Rhubarb lemonade, Pealinna cake and Carrot cake, and from Fentimans I bought Premium Indian tonic and Sparkling Raspberry lemonade. I like to experiment with new products and yet I recommend that at least 90% of what is on the table will be your homemade food. My motto is, the less ready-to-eat products / grocery store drinks, the better! I guess if I lived alone, I would very seldom buy anything from the groceries (I mean semi finished food products).

Now I will start compiling an exciting travel project: “Road trip from Estonia to Southern Spain through Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czechia, Austria, Italy, Monaco and France” and after that I will go to the ceramics hobby class with Ivanka Shoshana.

Have a great Thursday! Hugs!

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