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The Scandinavian origin popular clothing brand „Ohmygossip Couture” joined Instagram!

OHMYGOSSIP – Approximately 10 years running, the popular Scandinavian garment and accessories brand „Ohmygossip Couture” also launched in Instagram. Until now mostly based in Brazil, the Estonian derived brand announced in a press release about the intention of the next

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ESTONIAN-born 11-year-old violinist Estella Elisheva captivates world music classics

NordenBladet – According to the American edition the fifth grader of Tallinn Jewish School, 11-year-old Estella Elisheva is an exceptionally gifted girl and for the past few years the American newspapers have titled her the next Taylor Swift in

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Helena-Reet: Can this be my WILDEST dream?

NordenBladet – I quite frequently browse real estate advertisements and recently stumbled on an ad that a tiny cottage without electricity and proper access by road, located even far away from any small town, is for sale… The price was

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Helena-Reet: A meeting in Southern Estonia, a visit to Taagepera mansion and draining beauty from Helme sacrificial spring + GALLERY!

NordenBladet – In the summertime it is pleasant to work outside the office and that is why I scheduled the meetings to South-Estonia, to combine work with a little trip. NordenBladet closely collaborates with various tourism bureaus and tourism service

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Helena-Reet: Growing, collecting and drying herbs for the winter + a LITTLE guide to the effect of various herbal teas!

NordenBladet – During the summer I eagerly make preparations for the winter. I prefer to drink only those herbal teas that I myself have grown, collected and dried. Those have a special power in them. For example, when during summer

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Helena-Reet Ennet: the Finnish, Estonian and Scandinavian Jewish community is growing!

NordenBladet – „The Finnish and Estonian Jewish community is very small on the large scale, yet it is growing. It is a great pleasure to admit that today more and more local jews are attending cultural events,” says founder of

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Helena-Reet: I try to urge people to keep the nature

OHMYGOSSIP — The world famous blogger, OHMYGOSSIP sites owner and  the Twitter sensation Helena-Reet Ennet, who lately tells to Finnish media that she wishes to buy a private island in Bahamas, in Vigin Islands or in Scandinavia is not only

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Helena-Reet Ennet opened Brazilian OHMYGOSSIP- site with a huge scandal!

OHMYGOSSIP – Helena-Reet Ennet, who runs successfully many OHMYGOSSIP-sites and who is one of the most famous women in social media, opened some weeks ago a Brazilian Ohmygossip Facebook site with a huge scandal. Facebook page, which quickly got over

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Helena-Reet Ennet: OHMYGOSSIP is now 7-years old!

OHMYGOSSIP – Helena-Reet Ennet, who is one of the most known bloggers and business woman  in Scandinavia told exclusively that because of her super busy life schedule, she had no time to celebrate OHMYGOSSIP´s birthday. – Ohmygossip is now

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Helena-Reet is one of the key persons behind Donald Trump´s successful presidential campaign

OHMYGOSSIP – Billionaire Donald Trump is an American businessman, politician and television personality who is the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for president of the United States in 2016, having won the most state primaries and caucuses and delegates

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Helena-Reet Ennet plans a Hollywood vampire movie

OHMYGOSSIP – Helena-Reet Ennet, who is one of the most known Facebook and Twitter celebrities in Scandinavia, with over 5 million social media followers in her OHMYGOSSIP-sites, tells to Iltamakasiini, that she plans to take part in a Vampire movie.

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Helena-Reet: I’m less judgmental than before I had kids

OHMYGOSSIP — Helena-Reet Ennet says there’s no rules when it comes to parenting. The entertainment journalist and Ohmygossip Couture designer raises daughters Estella Elisheva (9) and Ivanka Shoshana (7)  with CFO Margus Pärn. “I love being a mom,” she said.

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Helena-Reet Ennet: Envy is the art of counting another´s blessings instead of your own

OHMYGOSSIP – There are many people out there who are jealous of other people, their success and etc. Jealousy is a black thing with our minds. Finland´s Terveyden Asialla asked famous blogger, Twitter celebrity and OHMYGOSSIP -sites owner Helena-Reet Ennet´s

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Helena-Reet: Insecure girls compete with one another. Strong women build each other

OHMYGOSSIP — Famous Scandinavian blogger Helena-Reet Ennet who has over 5 million Twitter followers on her Ohmygossip-sites, thinks women aren’t supportive enough of one another. The A-list entertainment journalist, an Ohmygossip Couture brand developer and mother of two daughters Estella

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Helena-Reet: I consider “Sequential Brands Group” and “Ohmygossip Couture” collaboration

OHMYGOSSIP — “I love the idea to open Ohmygossip Couture stores in America — especially in Los Angeles, Houston, Las Vegas and Miami,” the Ohmygossip Couture fashion brand designer and internationally famous entertainment journalist who have over 5 milj Twitter followers

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Social media queen Helena-Reet Ennet: When you got an opportunity – use it!

OHMYGOSSIP — Helena-Reet Ennet is one of the most known bloggers from Scandinavia. Her blog OHMYGOSSIP is currently #1 under the Swedish top bloggers list (HERE). She have named the most powerful women in Social media with over 5milj followers

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