Helena-Reet: Do my blog posts turn out “too serious?”

Helena-Reet: Do my blog posts turn out “too serious?”

NordenBladet – For years I have been blogging “too seriously”, or is it perhaps more correct to say – I have been producing so to say essays or columns. I want to change that. I feel that I do not wish to be so serious, detailed and analytical any more. I would like my writing to be simple, brief and straightforward. I do not know to what extent I can manage that, but I will give it a try. I would wish to be spontaneous, plain, in the present moment and even slightly superficial – sweeping by things while everything is ever changing and flowing.. thoughts, activities, time, etc.. and there is no need to overemphasize everything. It is beautiful to live here and now!

I can already tell that this is going to be a very tough challenge for me, because I enjoy elaborating on things, being matter-of-fact, etc. and I tend to dwell in the future. I allow myself to start this, once I have accomplished that, to begin with that, as soon as so-and-so is the state of affairs – and eventually a lot remains unsaid and undone, since my individual high expectations are not met. Hahaa… on the one hand I hope that every single story that I post has a message, and on the other hand I just wish to be a blogger-chronicler, reporting the daily life as it is. This is a tremendous burden when you aim to make a point with everything that you do. Sometimes it is worthwhile to just dwell in today, to go with the flow, not emphasize all of it excessively.

A couple of days ago my elder sister noted that her partner was reading a blog of mine from NordenBladet and that he had found it drop-dead boring. It completely sucks to hear anything like that. She said, and I quote: “Upload a live video of the life that you live and it’s gonna make you more famous than the Kardashians. Mhm.. I must admit that my actual life is indeed very cool, but it is way too outrageous to just reveal it without a thought. I am the crazy one! Hahaa.

Ok… now that it’s said. My day today was as follows. I woke at about seven. At nine I went for a walk. I counted 12 427 steps (6.8 km) and then prepared a healthy breakfast (adding hereby a few photos). Today was clean-up day – I sorted my children’s clothes, tidied up the wardrobes and shelves, ending up with a pile of stuff that I could give away or sell. Always and always I have given away all my stuff, but sometimes I get to thinking that maybe I should bargain a moderate price for them. There are so many things that the two girls have never put on, that are never worn and still brand new. And I am not a millionaire here, to just give it up to others for nothing.

Also, I finalized Elisheva & Shoshana’s new healthy product “Fireweed Tea” design! Super fierce! I am going to unfold this content as a separate post!! And still more……… today’s probably highlight – today is the last day to vote for us on Estonian National Museum’s website – we are in the competition for “Exhibition of our own 2020” ! Running our individual exhibition in the national museum ERM facility would really be expialidocious!!!


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