Helena-Reet: Summertime!!! Our weekend + BIG GALLERY!

Helena-Reet: Summertime!!! Our weekend + BIG GALLERY!

NordenBladet – Wonderful weather latery across all of Scandinavia! The weekend in Estonia was fully tropical! We enjoyed the sun and the beautiful garden! For breakfast there were strawberries and sandwiches garnered with thyme and lilac blossoms. I cut from the hedge to the vase the fresh lilacs and bought from the front of the store from a flowers-selling-grandma two bundles of lily-of-the-valley.

Then outside we went. As can be seen from some of the pictures, parts of the garden have been mowed and parts of it not. Since I have a huge plot of land, then firstly I do not always have the time to mow, and secondly I like to leave patches to the bees where they can collect honey. Ivanka Shoshana brought a blanket outside and was sunbathing, partly in the cool, and reading a book, and swinging. Estella was working out and watching some anime cartoons. We played badminton and bought a new fascinating open air game “Mölkky” made by Finnish carpenters. For two days we have been eating Karni Piri-Piri spicy shashlik. One day I was frying it on the pan and the other day we were grilling outside. Also the fresh salad to accompany the meat and the meat itself I garnered with lilac blossoms! I so much like to garner the meals (with edible plants) and serve the food beautifully on handmade ceramic tableware – it creates a special snug and homely feeling.

Yesterday I received two extra lovely compliments. First, one friend said: “You are as caring as Moominmamma, would you like to adopt me?” and secondly it was said that “Just all over, your entire home is a work of art”. It is great to hear positive feedback. The weekend was really chill! Life in the countryside is wonderful – luxury squared!

Today I am going to Laulasmaa LaSpa, and then back again on the working frequencies. Hugs!

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