Helena-Reet: Helena-Reet: About whey protein and the peaceful beginning of the day, about the new lawn tractor, the tableware set “Ivanka”, and some more about this day…

Helena-Reet: Helena-Reet: About whey protein and the peaceful beginning of the day, about the new lawn tractor, the tableware set “Ivanka”, and some more about this day…

NordenBladet – Life in the countryside is ticking in a completely different rhythm than in the city. Everything will be accomplished, yet there is no hurry and no haste. A calm morning with a plentiful breakfast is the basis to a successful, happy and active day. A morning spent without haste will guarantee your wellbeing for the entire day! This is just the reason why NordenBladet’s main mission alongside the maintenance and strengthening and passing on of the cultural heritage is the enlivening of country life and understanding of the beautiful nature. We foster and encourage moving to the countryside and we call everyone for consuming local products! To those more interested, I have depicted the issue of NordenBladet’s mission in length in my 2018 blog post HERE.

But back to today’s morning! For whom a whole white bread toast, for whom oat porridge, for whom smoothie. Estella Elisheva is a great friend of smoothies. Recently she discovered a new gluten-free blueberry-vanilla flavoured protein powder “Fast Whey80” that she now loves to use for preparing nourishing health drinks. Whey protein will support muscle growth and will protect the skeleton. We mix the drink with berries grown in our garden (currently the raspberries gathered last year, as well as strawberries, red and white currants, buckthorn, black currant) and berries that were hand-picked from the woods, the cowberries, cranberries and blueberries. Certainly the good smoothie ingredients are also any of the good green stuff (baby spinach, basil, etc), Estella Elisheva has been experimenting in the past few years and has been creating so many different smoothie drink and bowl recipes that these would easily populate an entire book!

(blog continues in several parts also in between the photo gallery)

School year will be ending this week, on Friday (11 June) both girls will have their class graduation ceremony. Estella Elisheva will complete eighth grade in the Russian-speaking Tallinn Jewish School, and Ivanka Shoshana will complete sixth grade in the school for pupils with special needs, Tallinn Tondi School. Today Ivanka will have the final pottery class of this school year. I join her in Saku manor private one-on-one ceramics lessons supervised by Hedwig Seaver, as the ordinary classes will be too challenging (impossible) for her. An autist will need a “smooth schedule”, since not all days are brothers and you will never really know the mood that hits in the morning. Thus private classes are really good and support development!

Whittling with clay is a great hobby for both Ivanka as well as myself and it is a pleasant common activity for us together, the ceramics tableware is also in use in our home on a daily basis. A luxury that we enjoy every day! Super! Our most recent joint work has been a green-and-blue tableware set with lilacs, named “Ivanka”. Ivanka made and coloured them, and I supplemented the set with paintings of lilacs. Bowls with two candle holders from the same line are my creation. I am adding some pictures here, too, and a little talk about the collection can be read from the blog HERE! By the way, it is one from the many of our collections that will soon be displayed at the exhibition in Estonian National Museum! Yessss… pinch me, I still cannot believe it myself that we will have our own exhibition in ERM! Therefore this handmade tableware set is of double value and much treasured!

What else? Today we replaced our old shabby yet still functioning lawn tractor Green Cut with a new one. Thank you our friend for having served us for years in our garden, now for 75 EUR you will soon be in new hands, those that will know how to repair you and pamper you. The replacement is a MTD SMART RG 145 brand new tractor (1699.-EUR), that we ordered from Bauhof and that arrived just today. I also bought a pile of garden soil, and miraculously the transportation cost of the order dropped significantly. Today I also mowed by hand a bit (I tidied up the front yard) and then proceeded to prepare dinner.

For dinner I made fresh potatoes in uniform, minced meat sauce with tomato dressing from Rakvere homely minced meat, and fresh cucumber-tomato-lettuce salad with sour cream. It tasted delicious and that was especially because the meal was served on our handmade ceramic tableware set “Ivanka” plates. Since Estella Elisheva didn’t want minced meat then for her I prepared a special wrap sandwich as an extra. Today the Coop magazine HETK reached our mailbox, this edition was devoted to Hiiumaa (at least was very Hiiumaa-centered), and yet it was very nice reading. Good articles were plenty, I would emphasize two of my favourites: Gerli Ramler’s “Old house needs renovation. Where to start?” and Irmeli Karja “To mow or not to mow? And how much?”. Both articles spoke to me personally.. I like to whittle and mend, repair old things, and it gave me a good feeling to read that all of the recommendations and instructions by the vice president of the Environmental Board Leelo Kukk about maintaining biodiversity have been fully met in our garden. 🙂

Now a few hours of home office work awaits me and for tonight I have promised to Ivanka that I will make pancakes with raspberry jam!

Have a great rest of the week! Hugs!

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