Helena-Reet: Village’s Midsummer Night bonfire, second corona vaccine, and an enjoyable Saturday evening in Keila at Legends Diner restaurant + PHOTOS!

Helena-Reet: Village’s Midsummer Night bonfire, second corona vaccine, and an enjoyable Saturday evening in Keila at Legends Diner restaurant + PHOTOS!

NordenBladet –  Children began their summer holiday (Friday was the end-of-school year ceremony) and thus the endless chauffeuring around between Saku and the city centre ceased. We still wake up early and the days are pleasantly long. The weather has been extraordinarily sunny and beautiful and so we have spent a lot of time outside. Twice we have made it to the SPA, during the corona restrictions these were all closed.

Thursday morning I worked on several bookkeeping reports for my businesses together with my accountant and in the evening we had a little Murimäe village Midsummer bonfire. I prepared myself + grabbed from the store champignons stuffed with blue cheese, fresh tomato-sprout salad with sour cream, coleslaw salad, several packs of meat in blueberry marinade, ketchup, and for dessert some juicy marzipan plaited bun and grapes + A. Le Coq beer. For children we set up a large trampoline and seated ourselves nicely in the large open tent close to the bonfire. We chatted endlessly and there was also a lot of slandering, for that, looking back to it I am quite embarrassed. 🥺😰 I usually do not defame much, now as a grown-up almost not at all. I believe that people’s souls are sent to this world with a mission to grow, and this includes making mistakes, and when I talk about someone behind their back or say something bad about someone, then afterwards I ALWAYS feel super bad about it. Who am I to judge, comment or argue? Who am I to say bad things behind someone’s back.. as if I had too few flaws myself?! Unfortunately you cannot take back your words, so just the regrets remain, and a proper lesson is learnt. However, what concerns our little village, then we have a super nice community here and it is so nice to have a neighbour’s lady drop by every week for a coffee and for a chat.

On Friday I had my second vaccine shot (with AstraZeneca vaccine). You can read about my first vaccine shot and its side effects HERE. The second shot came without any side effects – no drowsiness, no temperature, no aches in the arm – not to say anything about the major side effects. So it is good that the shots are now done and I’ll be able to travel again some time soon. Regarding NordenBladet it is already time I visited Finland and Sweden, and I wouldn’t say no to a nice weekend at the French Riviera neither.

(read about today’s activities after the photo gallery)

Today we woke up at about seven o’clock. Since I knew that it would rain in the afternoon, we set our steps outdoors at once. The garden is so large that indeed it is not even correct to call it a garden – it is rather a plot. It has everything here – a tiny grove, a patch of meadow, and endless pockets of the yard. Wonderful! It is a real luxury to live in the countryside and to own a large plot. Then again of course this all requires work and the garden can actually consume all the time you have. I regard gardening as a hobby and as a workout, I like to “communicate” with nature, and be around nature, admire the plants, and pamper them. In warm weather I always sprinkle the plants with water, at the same time smiling to myself that now they feel so good… hahahaaa. Ok, enough of this. Today we trimmed, mowed, and weeded the garden, and we fertilized the soil in one corner, and we stirred through the compost pile with the garden fork. We added to the compost some Biolan nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium based compost awakening aid for the first time – this should speed up the decomposition process and advance the fertility of the compost soil. Now let us hope so, because our compost pile is ca 3x5m large! I’d love to create a nice huge lavender bed on the spot!

Gardening works completed, we washed ourselves, and then reserved a table in Keila at an American-style family restaurant “Legends Diner” (Paldiski Road 32a, Keila, 76606 Harju county) and went there to enjoy a two-in-one meal (late dinner and early supper). The waiter happened to be very nice and the food was excellent as always! I ordered as an appetizer the “Handmade cheese balls with house sauce” and for the main course the “Blue cheese chicken steak” (chicken fillet, grilled pineapple and vegetables, sweet potato french fries, blue cheese sauce) and for dessert the hot Caife Gaelach (Irish coffee) with sugar, Irish whiskey and cream. I also dare recommend their ribs, the “Grilled ribs” (grilled ribs, coleslaw salad, arugula, steakhouse french fries, smoky mayonnaise) and ice cream shakes! My children’s favourite is their strawberry-raspberry ice cream shake.


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