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Greenland: The Legend of the Mother of the Sea – The story of Sedna

NordenBladet – The Mother of the Sea is a colorful and fantastic tale of how Greenland’s animals came to be – and reminds us of our responsibilities. The Mother of the Sea was bothered by the Inuits’ evil deeds at

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Greenland: The Greenlandic kayak or ‘qajaq’

NordenBladet – The kayak was a necessity of the Inuits who from an early age learnt to handle this craft. It is still used for fishing but also used for recreation and for races. THE HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE

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Greenland: The Greenlandic Tupilak – a carved figure that protects its owner against enemy attack

NordenBladet – The Greenlandic Tupilak is a carved figure that protects its owner against enemy attack, but is now a popular souvenir. A WORLD OF SOULS AND SPIRITS Previously tupilak was made to mysterious and sinister sprits. Today, when the

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Greenland: The Greenlandic national costume 

NordenBladet – The Greenlandic national costume (Traditional Dress) is famous and is a magnificent sight. Beads brought by Europeans became a part of the female outfit. THE INUITS’ ANIMAL SKIN CLOTHES In former times the Inuits only wore clothes made

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Greenland: Visual Art in Greenlandic culture

NordenBladet – Visual art has played an important role in culture and national self-understanding. See the work in the museums in Ilulissat and Nuuk. AARON FROM KANGEQ Visual art in Greenland has, in spite of its relatively short history, made

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Greenland: Tjodhildes Church

NordenBladet – Tjodhilde was credited for Erik the Red’s conversion to Christianity and the building of the first church on the North American continent. Tjodhilde’s husband, Erik the Red, had the honour of being the first European to set foot

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Greenland: The Viking period of Greenland

NordenBladet – The Vikings settled in southern and western Greenland about 1,000 years ago. Brattahlid is the best preserved of Old Norse settlements. TRAVEL IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE VIKING SETTLERS The traces of the Vikings – also called the

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Greenland election: Melting ice and mining project on the agenda

NordenBladet – Greenland heads to the polls on Tuesday in snap elections which could have major consequences for international interests in the Arctic. The vast territory, which belongs to Denmark but is autonomous, lies between North America and Europe and

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Greenland considers bombshell breakaway from Denmark – election TODAY

NordenBladet – Greenland could break away from Denmark if a leading party gets its way in today’s crunch election, setting alarm bells ringing in Brussels, mediates. EU officials are watching today’s vote closely, especially the vote share for Inuit

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Turning point in Iceland-Greenland relations emerge with new report

NordenBladet — Several propositions to strengthen relations between Iceland and Greenland have emerged as part of a new report officially handed in by the former Icelandic Minister of Foreign Affairs, Össur Skarphéðinsson. The report, “Iceland and Greenland’s cooperation in the

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