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Helena-Reet: Bread without leaven, Dance Festival and more about the consumer society

NordenBladet – Yesterday I wrote on my blog that I value simplicity and nature more and more. I feel that at one point our current consumer society is about to collapse – people will simply fall ill. Õismäe silver willow

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Helena-Reet: Why I wish to live in the countryside and why glamor is out and nature in!

NordenBladet – Despite the fact that I live 15km from the town, in the little Murimäe village, where you can count the houses with both hand fingers, where a view from the window behind and in front of the house

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Helena-Reet: Questions & Answers – What were the 2016 developments on the OHMYGOSSIP scene and what did the previous year reveal for me?

OHMYGOSSIP – Regarding the OHMYGOSSIP streamsphere – the year 2016 has been overwhelming, and definitely there has been versatile improvement concerning various crucial parameters as compared to 2015. The utmost success indicator from life’s journey through 2016 has been the

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Helena-Reet: OHMYGOSSIP is already a massive brand

OHMYGOSSIP – OHMYGOSSIP is already a massive brand and a company, which is well known in Estonia, Finland, America and Brazil. I am actually quite proud to put up a brand like these apart from having children. I have been

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The firewood, nice weather and gardening have arrived

OHMYGOSSIP – The winter is over and the weather just keeps getting better – it’s time to get started with gardening chores. I ordered 8 rooms of wood and now it’s time to pile them up. I order unpiled firewood

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Cozy meeting near Lake Peipsi

OHMYGOSSIP – Since I’m associated with many projects I often find myself surprised how I can fit to 24 hours blogging in 4 languages, brand development, social media marketing and of course home and my children. I have noticed that

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I am trying to take after Kris Jenner and be a mom manager for my daughters

OHMYGOSSIP – I have written about this before (in an interview I gave to the media in Finland) that one of my idols is Kardashian’s “gang” leader – Kris Jenner. She has kickstarted all the careers of her daughters and

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OHMYGOSSIP is now also available in Swedish!

OHMYGOSSIP – I started to develop Swedish Ohmygossip’s platform already in 2014, but now I have also opened a separate webpage Ohmygossip.se. As you can see the page is still in development but I’m planning to do the blog posts

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I would already like to start with spring gardening!

OHMYGOSSIP – There were two amazing and sunny days in Estonia. So, yesterday, before I went to sleep (without checking today´s weather forecast), I made a plan in my head that I will start with spring gardening today. But I

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Today, I´ll start to build Ohmygossip.se!

OHMYGOSSIP – Woke up at 6:30 as usual. I sent the kids to school, and Margus to work, then leisurely drank my coffee and read the morning paper. On economic side Postimees wrote that the number of farms decreases in Estonia.

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Some modifications in OHMYGOSSIP!

OHMYGOSSIP – Ohmygossip is expecting big modifications in the upcoming months – I have a plan to largely change the existing structure and strategy. The first bigger change will be the transformation to a more blog-centered format meaning that there

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Travel to Morocco: Taroudant city and Palais Salam restaurant inside the city wall + TRAVEL PHOTOS!

NordenBladet – This post is for those travellers who like the country’s genuine character and the real life of the inhabitants best. Taroudant is a city in Morocco where the tourism business has not had a rooted clutch and thus

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Travel to Morocco: Agadir Kasbah city ruins, beach promenade and Pure Passion restaurant + TRAVEL PHOTOS!

NordenBladet – We have spent 12 hours (evening and night) in Morocco and it is now a sunny morning. From the balcony of Hotel Atlantic Palace we have a beautiful view on the resort’s swimming pools and the sun is

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Travel to Morocco: (Tallinn-Copenhagen-Agadir) + Atlantic Palace Agadir Golf Thalasso & Casino Resort + TRAVEL PHOTOS!

NordenBladet – Morocco is becoming a more and more valued travel destination among Estonians as well as the Scandinavians. Warm climate, friendly service and fair prices attract more and more tourists to this Northwestern-African country by the Mediterranean Sea. Since

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Helena-Reet: Family visit to Naantali, Finland (VOL4 – Kultaranta) GALLERY!

NordenBladet – Naantali is famous among Estonians for the Moomin world, but this resort town also hosts the Finnish president’s summer residence in Kultaranta! While already in Finland, Naantali, then why not also visit the Finnish president’s summer residence in

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Helena-Reet: With Family in Naantali, Finland (VOL3- Väski) GALLERY!

NordenBladet – It is about time to unfold the next tourism attraction sights! In case the Moomin world has already been seen and there is still some time left for an adventure with the kids, I warmly recommend visiting the

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